YJ Sciences: Improving the Quality of Life in Today’s Modern Society

YJ Sciences: Improving the Quality of Life in Today’s Modern Society

Life can be seen very differently today from what it was a hundred years ago. People back then ate healthier, worked harder, and eventually lived longer. With the influx of chemicals, artificial flavoring, and preservatives in most of the manufactured food products on the grocery shelves today, and the utter lack of exercise and physical activity like walking and jogging due to developments in modern transportation technology, it is not surprising that humanity’s life expectancy today is significantly less than what it used to be back then. Financial stability also cost less back then. Although the amount of money an employee earns today is substantially greater, the value of today’s money has taken a dip. With the price of basic commodities like food, water and shelter skyrocketing, not to mention the ever-increasing fuel rates, what one can buy today with ten dollars is insignificant when compared to what ten dollars used to be able to buy a hundred years ago.

With that in mind, a few enterprising companies have sought to establish a way to help in the pursuit of achieving personal health as well the realization of individual financial success. They believe that improving the quality of life starts with improving one’s own personal health as well as his financial wealth. One such company is YJ Sciences Inc. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, YJ Sciences aims to provide its customers with a health boost through its line of products. Youth Juice, the company’s flagship product, contains all the healthy benefits of seven types of berries – elderberry, red raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry, blackcurrant, and cranberry – as well as three different kinds of sea vegetables, kombu fucoidan, bladderwrack, sea lettuce. These ingredients contain ellagitannins and resveratrol, which are both polyphenolic compounds that help protect the body from various viruses and diseases. The production process of Youth Juice is optimized to promote the acid hydrolysis of ellagitannins into ellagic acid, which the human blood stream can more easily absorb.

As for the goal of realizing financial success, YJ Sciences makes use of the power of relationship management in helping its representatives make their financial dreams come true. The company provides a very competitive compensation plan to all its representative, or “brand partners”, which they receive on top of bonuses, profits from retail sales, bonuses from preferred customer sales, and commissions from downline sales. Brand partners are able to qualify for their car program, and they even have an annual reward trip for qualified brand partners. And as a way of giving back, YJ Sciences instituted the YJ 4 Kidz program which promises to give half of all the annual corporate earnings from the sales of Youth Juice to medical institutions that specialize in scientific and medical research for the cure and prevention of children’s diseases.

The quality of life today may be different from what it used to be, but YJ Sciences seems to have all the bases covered. With personal health and financial wealth being the focal point in the company’s mission and vision, YJ Sciences shows its commitment to improving the quality of life for their customers, for their people, and for children everywhere.

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