Prostate Support For Your Prostate Health … Saw Palmetto

Prostate Support For Your Prostate Health … Saw Palmetto

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Doctors in Germany, Austria, and Italy use saw palmetto, along with other plant extracts like pygeum and nettle root, as a first-line treatment for enlargement of the prostate gland. Physicians in the US are not informed about alternative botanical medicine; we are far behind the European community in this regard. Doctors need to be better educated about nutrition and alternative medicine in the U.S.

BPH And prostate health

BPH symptoms include weak urinary flow, frequent urination, and urinary retention (difficulty in completely emptying the bladder). These symptoms can raise the risk of kidney stones and kidney and bladder infections. BPH can also uphold prostate health and may even inhibit the harmful property too much testosterone can have on the other men, BPH is common in older men, with more than half of men in their sixties experiencing symptoms of BPH and as many as 90% of men in their seventies and eighties.

Trials are underway to determine whether “watchful waiting” is better than immediate surgery. Trials as long as five years have found a benefit from saw palmetto, and multiple extracts have been tested and found to be of benefit [10-11]. Overall, there is very strong evidence for symptomatic improvement in patients with BPH from saw palmetto.

Prostate Cancer And Prostate Health

Studies have shown that one in six men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime! In addition, men must content with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) (enlarged prostate) and prostatitis, (inflammatory conditions of the prostate). Studies have shown that the saw palmetto extract is effective in 90% of the men in clinical trials in over a four to six week period. Pharmaceutical drugs have been shown to need up to a year for significant improvement.

saw palmetto And Your Prosate Health

Finally…Saw palmetto’s actions have been compared to such drugs as Hytrin which eases the muscles of the sphincter, alleviating pressure and the need the to urinate. Researchers are not sure exactly which parts of the saw palmetto have the most action on health issues, but they have indicated that it could act like an anti-inflammatory, have a DHT blocking effect.

3000 Times Stronger Than Saw Palmetto For Prostate Health Click