Nastech Pharmaceutical Company

Nastech Pharmaceutical Company

Research Scientist, Formulation (Focus on Manufacturing)

Responsible for small molecule formulation, pre-clinical and clinical manufacturing, and document formulation efforts in support of pre-clinical and clinical studies and regulatory findings. You must have experience with small molecule formulation, knowledge of cGMPS, experience in pre-clinical and/or clinical manufacturing, strong communication skills to support writing SOPs, batch records, and stabilities protocols. In addition, you must have experience in tech transfer to manufacturing as well as drug delivery devices and particle and/or aerosol characterization. M.S. or Ph.D. is preferred.

Must have experience with peptide and / or protein formulation, some experience of characterization methods such as HPLC, CE, UV, SDS-PAGE, and MS. Must have experience in pre-clinical and/or clinical manufacturing. Experience with drug deliver devices and particle and / or aerosol characterization is required. In addition strong communication skills to support writing SOPs, batch records, and stability protocols is required. M.S. or Ph.D. is preferred with 2+ years of industry experience.

Nastech Pharmaceutical Company Inc. founded in 1983, is a leader in nasal drug delivery. The Company is utilizing its platform technologies to delivering both small- and large-molecule drugs by nasal administration. Intranasal drug delivery may lead to greater drug efficacy, speed of action, safety, and patient compliance. Nastech has shown great promise in delivering drugs directly to the Central Nervous System via the nasal passages where there is no blood brain barrier. Nastech has a diverse product portfolio across multiple therapeutic areas, including products targeted for the treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction, pain management, osteoporosis, cancer and hepatic illnesses, growth deficiency and multiple sclerosis.

We provide a competitive compensation/benefits/stock option package for our team members. If you desire a position working in an exciting scientific environment with the potential for tremendous professional contribution, apply today!

Nastech Pharmaceutical Company


Nastech Pharmaceutical Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer