About Skyn Condoms

About Skyn Condoms

Condoms that have been known by those made of latex rubber. However, due to technological developments, the condom has evolved into various shapes, sizes and flavors all in an effort to complement the needs of the community.

With so many brands of condoms are available in the market, you would think that’s all there is to it. However, that is not appropriate because more and varies surprises coming. Take, for example, the recent developments is the use of condom’s non-latex material.

Known as the Skyn ​​condoms, these anti-contraception and STD products are made of polyisoprene. This is the first product of its kind that has been clinically tested and approved by the FDA in the U.S… Although it is more lightweight and flexible, it has the power and sensitivity of latex condoms are very thin so that a better alternative, especially for adults who want to get more pleasure and comfort of their sexual relationship.

Polyisoprene is a highly flexible material used to make condoms more comfortable to use. And because it is very thin with a pair of ergonomic, providing users and their partners are feeling is completely natural and comfortable as if nothing at all. The sensation of the condom had determined after the test repeatedly. What’s more is that the Skyn ​​condoms have a soft silicone lubricant and more durable for a more enjoyable experience as well as comfortable and unforgettable.

Compared with polyurethane and latex condoms, Skyn ​​condoms are very subtle and stretchier but has greater resistance to breakage. They are most ideal for people who are not comfortable with or are allergic to latex. Moreover, they proved to be excellent contraceptives and protection against infection by sexually transmitted diseases.

Skyn condoms come in natural shades, is odor free and reserved for men aged 18 to 30. Men not only the beneficiary of new technology in the manufacture of condoms because many women prefer it as well and happy, especially because it provides a natural feeling for both partners. More than 80 percent of women asked said they want to buy products Skyn ​​condoms.

Companies that produce these condoms, Lifestyles, ensuring the safety and convenience of users Skyn ​​and effectiveness. Skyn condoms through three kinds of rigorous tests to meet the reliability standards in the U.S. initially, shelf life is only three years skyn condoms do not like five years from the traditional condom. An officer Lifestyle say this is so that they are still very new product in the market without five years of data for the claim has not been.

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