Neeta's Healthy Plate: About Me

Neeta's Healthy Plate: About Me


From Mumbai to Lucknow, Auroville, Delhi to Paris for 15 years,

then Auroville for a couple of years once more and to Richmond in London for 3 years,

to Henley in Oxfordshire for almost 2, and then a year in Coonoor, a

small mountain town in the tea growing Nilgiris, South of India - plus

half a year in Mumbai again and now here I am in Totnes, Devon - a

Teacher, change mentor, project coach, storyteller, kitchen dancer,

bathroom singer, healthy cook & food blogger, poet, scribbler,

astrologer and lover of WHAT IS...

Partner of a beautiful man from Northern Ireland, mother of a beautiful daughter studying Cinema in Paris.

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My Website for Creative Project Coaching

Lets talk about What Project Coaching is Not

It is not Therapy. We are not going to focus on psychological or emotional

problems, nor work with the shadow or go to the past exploring

Creating healthy food is my passion and sharing it is the purpose of this space. The food here is nutrient rich, delicious, natural, wholesome and easy to make.

The focus is on adding new tastes and using ingredients in different ways.

A small step goes a long way, one ripple is all it takes.

Join me on this adventurous and fun filled journey towards a radiant and healthier YOU.....

Please link back on any posts you''d like to share. If you''d like to use any photos from this site - send me a request and ask before you take.