meizitang teach your diet weight loss method

meizitang teach your diet weight loss method

Human body functions, said White just two aspects of a relationship, eat and flush out. Discharged from in order to eat better, Instead, eat in order to smooth row, who had a can do without. Some obesity, and has not cut down a large reason for this is to eat with the following Xiaobian take from the mouth began to realize meizitang teach your diet weight loss method.

An error, abandoned diet

Weight loss diet, and not just simply to reduce the weight of food intake is not excessive restraint calorie intake, happily to Xiangshou delicious the meizitang diet food is basic.

When you suffer from not eat, even the meals is not good to eat, then your body will no nutrition supplement, arising from a sense of crisis, issued a “signal of the need to accumulate fat at the same time, too long an empty stomach flu interval is too long, or diet and diet, blood glucose levels can become quite unstable, the body changes will bring a great crisis for your body, your next diet, the accumulation of fat and calories more easily, and even overeating tendencies, she is also becoming increasingly easy to fat!

Two, meizitang soft gel eat low fat foods

Carbohydrates, a carbohydrate food into the body, the blood glucose levels in the blood glucose component will rise, then from the pancreas secrete insulin, sugar and energy transport to the muscles and internal organs, while allowing fat accumulation, which is the body fat formation of one of the ways.

Of course, we know that can intake into the body, the sugar is fully utilized, there would be no accumulation, but in fact, when blood glucose levels rise too rapidly when insulin secretion in this state is very difficult to go to stop.

Third, high-calorie foods election is to eat after a meal

In addition to morning and morning to avoid fasting dessert, because an empty stomach, the effect of heat absorption is the best, and very easy to unknowingly eat more. High-calorie snacks such as cheese cake, placed after a meal to eat better, because together with dietary fiber in the meal digestion meizitang soft gel heat absorption will be relatively few, and not easy to eat too much.

Picking out your sweets partner

Snacks lug to eat, eat a good figure. For example, we eat whole wheat bread, fruit is a good choice, whole wheat fiber and fruit fiber are able to maintain a good figure, the small amount of sugar does not cause weight gain Moreover, to eat bread, drink plenty of water also affects the digestion of the stomach, avoid fat deposition. Of course, can also be equipped with some Pu’er tea or peppermint water, Pu’er tea to lose weight fat, peppermint water can also play this role, or foam soda can, it can increase your feeling of fullness, so you be able to eat more.

Eating a cookie can be used with vegetables or sour fruits, vegetables and fruits can reduce sweetness, reduce consumption. In any case with meizitang botanical slimming best daily intake of total sugar control in less than 50 grams, so that we can protect the good body.